Friday, November 13, 2009

Stay away from SD26

SD26 ( ) was a very unpleasant experience. The ceilings were very high, a large very open feel to the restaurant, you can see the open kitchen wherever you are sitting. The waiter brought over water, and it tasted like there was something wrong with it or the glass had not been washed properly and there was still detergent. When we asked for new water he tried to sell us “extra filtered water”- um what? We had a few waiters; it was hard to keep track of who was actually helping us. They came around with bread- that was probably the best part of the experience. The wine list is on a screen- which at first we thought was cool, and sort of game like, but quickly realized that the wines were all super expensive and there were no descriptions… a man came over to “help us with the wines” the first thing he said was “well if you ask me ladies, anything over $500 goes great with everything!”, I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually spend $500 on a bottle of wine on a week night. He then tried to up charge us, we asked about one of the bottles, and he told us about a different one saying it was “just $4 more” when really it was about $30 more! Ok onto the food situation…the cheese were ok (nothing interesting like we are used to), but they came with 5 walnuts, we basically had to beg for bread to go with it. The peppers were good, but the portion was tiny. Then came our lobster pasta… let’s just say calling it “andante” is being nice! It wasn’t even close to being fully cooked, so obviously that was that, and you couldn’t tell it was lobster- the few pieces (not even a full bight) were so small, it was unrecognizable as lobster. This experience was a disaster, and when we got the bill it was $94, they expect people to pay that much for not eating?! So when the manager came over, we decided to tell him the truth about what we thought of our dinner…he apologized, asked if he could get us dessert- we said no, there was nothing on the menu even worth the calories, so he said he would adjust the bill…..and that he did $11 for each of us--- yes we were impressed by that. We ended up having to go to another restaurant nearby to actually eat…. Terrible restaurant, rude pushy waiters, awful food, I bet it will close soon- don’t go!

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