Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vero Panini & Wine Bar

Vero Panini & Wine Bar,( more of a fun bar atmosphere in the front of the restaurant,there is an outdoor area, but it was too cold when we were there (ok let's be serious it is def a fun bar, but you are reading this to hear about the food!).... Once you get seated in the back, you are in for a real treat! They have a very nice wine selection to choose from, and we were starving so while ordering our wine we asked to start off with our usual cheese plate. They had a good selection of cheeses to choose from and when it arrived, it came with an assortment of breads and fruits (they were generous with the fruit which was awesome). However, the Beef short rib taco…..Now that was incredible, completely melted in your mouth. Then to mix it up we shared the vegetable tower and the chicken. Even though the “tower” was labeled as a “main dish”, it worked as more of a side with the chicken for us,it was good, nothing really stood out about the chicken. Then for dessert we had the most incredible cookie creation I have ever had in my life (yes that’s right I still have dreams about this dessert), it is a warm gooey delicious chocolate cookie underneath ice cream, berries and cool whip, truly perfection. If anything, everyone should try this dessert! Next time you have to meet someone for drinks, go on a "casual date" suggest Vero, and hope the other person is up for some cheese and or dessert:)

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