Friday, December 11, 2009

Wine30, Let me warn you, this is a bit aggressive…..

Wine30 ( you walk into Wine30, you want to like it. It is a cute (tiny) wine bar in Murray Hill with nice dim lighting and exposed brick walls. Unfortunately that is the most positive thing I am able to say about Wine30… When we arrived all tables were reserved, so we sat at the bar… this wasn’t terrible because the owner was the person behind the bar (one would assume good service would follow) (FYI MAN IN THE PIC= HORRIBLE OWNER!). Wine came right away, and then the wait began. We ordered appetizers and our main meal right away, as well as a cheese to start since we were starving……

We waited 30 minutes until the waitress came over and asked if we had received our order, obviously we hadn’t (either she would have served it to us or seen us eating it)… When the bar tender heard us, he grabbed the first plate he saw and gave it to us… it wasn’t what we ordered- it was someone else’s (it was a selection of dips, which we tried out of pure starvation, and it wasn’t great), we explained that they weren’t ours and they were quickly/ angrily taken away. We finally received 6 pieces of "bruschetta", which were really just small burnt pieces of toast with little toppings. It was not very good, and there were 3 of us so it was a bit annoying to split. The cheese came on a tiny plate with a jam that didn’t pair well with it and we had to ask for bread since we weren’t planning on eating the brie with our fingers (very disappointing!) Then waiting another 20 mins for our main course to arrive. The plates were too small; the chicken was not warm- and considering it took so long you would think it would be hot! Mediocre service is an understatement.. No one asked how our food was, the bar tender was so focused on the regulars; if he wasn’t staring at us awkwardly, he was yelling over us to talk to the people behind us! A waiter dropped a bunch of plates (which had some splatter) and didn’t say a word, didn’t even check.

Finally when the bar tender/owner asked how our meal was we explained that it wasn’t great, that we waited forever and the food was mediocre, he then proceeded to YELL at us for 10 minutes! Have you ever heard of a restaurateur yelling at 3 small girls? He then got angry, yelling got louder, went over to the computer to print out our order to show us the “time issue” (which he was wrong about and wouldn’t admit to), proceeded to ask us what amount of time we expected brachetta to take.. The whole experience was unreal. The arguing continued, and then the bill arrived. We placed our credit cards in to split the bill and he then threw the credit cards back at us saying “here, I hope you’re happy, THANK YOU LADIES!” The behavior was absolutely shocking! DO NOT GO TO WINE30- it is a horrible small place with bad food and terrible service!

Very disappointing experience

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