Monday, June 22, 2009


Bocca( Cute restaurant, deceivingly large space, but empty...When you walk in you walk past the long bar and then the room opens up: There are pillow lined benches around the room and lots of tables scattered through the middle, very nicely decorated, sexy atmosphere. However, the restaurant was completely empty- yes that’s right we were the only 3 people in the entire restaurant besides the waiters! And surprisingly we still had a difficult time getting our waiters attention! We started with our usual bottle of wine and ordered the cheese plate, which was pretty good, nice selection of cheeses with a few different spreads. We also enjoyed a salad and one of the many pasta dishes. However, We did have a little incident with our waiter regarding our pasta… the waiter would not allow us to have parmesan cheese on our pasta. We asked for cheese and were immediately denied- the shock, the horror- how could people want cheese on their pasta?! The nerve of us to even ask!
Overall the food was pretty good, but it was a little uncomfortable being the only people there… would probably be a fun place for a group if you could ever get the waiters attention...but whatever you do- don't ask to have cheese on your pasta!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Solex... despite the fact that we did the "early bird" (got there around 6pm), service was NOT included..... yes that's right, we were the patrons, the servers and the bus boys (oh wait we were the only people in the restaurant)... dont worry we tipped ourselves well! We had to get up from our seats, walk to the bar to ask questions, to order, AND to pick up our own food! Despite the service (or lack thereof), the food overall was pretty good. We began with a cheese plate which was good, not fabulous(ie no accoutrements). The pizza was tasty, and the salad was decent, but after reviewing the desserts (again lack thereof) we ended up trucking to 16 handles (fyi YOU MUST TRY THIS PLACE!!!! -hey this counts it's still in the "dairy family").

As for Solex- it's a shame it's now closed... waitressing really could have been our second calling.

Vintage Irving

Vintage Irving ( is definitely one of my favorite wine spots in the city. It’s the perfect place for a fun relaxing night out, a tasting or even a private party! There is a private room in the back that can be reserved for private events or you can attend one of the many weekly “tastings”. We went to the “Fall Seasonal Pumpkin Tasting” and it was incredible- there were six different dishes made with pumpkin (hence the theme of the tasting event) and paired accordingly with the appropriate beer, wine, cider and martini! The tastings are different each month, definitely worth going to one! They are having 20 wines for $20 going on this month.
Besides the private events and tasting, Vintage Irving has a very comfortable fun atmosphere, dimly lit (good date spot) and not too pricey! The food and service are both fantastic! Our waiter was very attentive, offered helpful suggestions and even got us a few items and drinks to taste! There is a small collection of cheeses, a nice salad variety and delicious selection of small plates. The truffle chicken mini meatballs and the eclectic bruschettas are "must try" small plates! And who could forget about dessert?! The individual chocolate soufflé is to die for- death by chocolate in a great way! This place is perfect for girls night out!


This small wine bar off the beaten path (well, off our beaten path, it’s in Hell’s Kitchen)Casuella ( was a wonderful surprise. They do not take reservations, so get there early. There are about 10-15 small tables, a long white marble bar and two large display cases holding their extensive collection of delicious cheeses and meats. The cheese plate was fantastic! Each cheese came paired with its own paste/fruit/snack accompaniments and the pairings were perfect. Like a party in your mouth, you can’t stop eating and you leave wanting to try more of Casuella’s pairing combinations. I think we stuffed ourselves with cheese so instead of trying one of the main dishes or salads we went straight to dessert- the warm pecan sticky bun…… this is where the place took a bit of a turn as the dessert was so sweet and so sticky it wasn’t good. Amazing cheese selection/pairing, but if you are craving something sweet after the meal, head somewhere else.


After you climb the stairs to the second floor you arrive at Wined Up( A spacious, modern styled wine bar almost hidden in Flatiron. With floor to ceiling windows it feels very airy; it was cold when we went so there was a bit of a draft. One of the walls is lined with wine bottles that customers are allowed to select and bring to their tables (Very large selection of wines to choose from!).Our waiter was very knowledgeable about all of the different wines and cheeses. So we went with the cheese plate- it was fantastic! The cheeses he had recommended were delicious and it came with different breads/fruits/snacks. I love when places don’t “skimp out” on the goodies to accompany the cheese- Wined-Up did a great job! We also enjoyed the chicken paillard and the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Definitely a good place for girl’s night out, it has a nice atmosphere and wonderful selection of food and wine. There were a number of couples there as well, so I will state the obvious- it’s a great “date spot”

Monday, June 15, 2009


This week we headed to Entwine(, a new small wine bar in the Meat Packing district. There are 3 separate, dimly lit rooms: The bar when you first walk in, followed by a small study area with a couch, and 3 or 4 small tables and then a garden area. The garden area is very small with only 3 tables and was full when we arrived. We were seated in the second room... the table was extremely short (the only way to possibly cross your legs would be to sit sideways). Though it was a very "cute" setting it seemed almost impossible to actually have our waitress pay attention to us.

There was a decent selection of wines, but a very limited menu consisting of a few small plates and cheese/charchuterie plates. A little pricey considering the limited choices/ small portions. The cheese plate was good, but because the tables were so small we felt a little "crunched" for space.

Definitely more of a place to stop in for a glass of wine.... wouldn't recommend going if you are actually hungry!